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Underfloor heating for Rental & Events

We had developed under floor heating systems, which allows a very simple and fast installation and removal, therefore, adapted for casual applications. The system guarantees a uniform heat distribution with no disturbing air movements.

In addition, the system behaves like a traditional underfloor heating systems, it requires a small operational temperature guaranteeing a maximal comfort of the space between flooring and a height of 1.8 m. The temperature is gradually decreasing as the height is increasing. This heating system is ideal for installation in precious monumental buildings, with walls and ceiling covered by valuable and fragile decorations and paintings, with a sensitive surface at even small temperature variations.

The versatility of the heating carpets and slim platforms allows us to recommend them for rental. We can put at your disposal our technical stuff for heater installation, or, the system can be delivered turnkey. You provide us with documentation and we realize a heating system based on your needs, taking care of everything: from mounting and heating control to its removal, including moquetts and/or laminate finishing supply, on demand.