Churches and museums heating

Thermal Technology church heating systems, thanks to our leading technology, heat by radiation, allowing lower energy consumption and greater heating efficiency for Churches and Museums.

Churches and museums heating

Our products for heating churches and museums, compared to traditional heating methods, exploit localized and not generalized heating, allowing greater efficiency and cost savings. We offer electric underfloor heating solutions for churches or systems aimed at directly heating the pews and seats.

What are the benefits of our electric heating solutions for churches?

Summarizing the advantages of carbon fiber heating system for churches:

  • Maximum comfort: the electric heating spreads the heat uniformly from bottom to top thanks to radiant heating, ensuring the comfort of worshipers and visitors.
  • Maximum protection of artwokrs: radiant heating allows the artistic integrity of churches and museums not to be compromised by acting directly on the church pews, unlike air heaters or heaters positioned high up.
  • Energy efficient: electric underfloor heating can be used with renewable energy sources to increase energy savings and reduce environmental impact
  • Greater control: underfloor or seating heating for churches provides independent temperature control, allowing you to choose which areas to heat as needed, thus reducing waste.

8 Products for
Churches and museums heating

Heating cushion

Item code CUSP.X

Optimal solution for heating benches and chairs in public places, such as churches, where it is difficult to heat the interior evenly; useful as a supplementary heating solution.

Radiant panels for church benches

Item code HTR-BENCH

Optimal solution to locally heat the seating area of pews in churches, ideal in situations where it is difficult to uniformly heat the entire room or it is not possible to install on the floor.

Heating under carpet layer for rental

Item code STM.X

Removable radiant heating system, with carpet finish, ideal for creating localized comfort zones in large volume environments. Available in a short time and quickly operational, this solution is best suited for churches, museums and short-term events

Radiant Platform for Church

Item code PED_AMC.C

The footboard in rust / Corten painted steel provides a localized and temporary heating system, capable of reducing the power consumption. These modular footboards are excellent for large spaces heating, such as churches and museums. They do not require qualified personnel for installation, thanks to their ease of use and can be removed as needed.

Thin heating platform pvc laminate finishing

Item code PED_STVI.X

Low thickness heating system, with vinyl floor finish, developed to create comfort zones for localized heating in predetermined spaces of large volume environments, it is ideal for churches and museums. Installation of the entire system on site.