Underfloor heating for outdoors

Find out our products for outdoor electric underfloor heating, you will be able to prevent frozen surfaces and accumulations of snow. Furthermore, our systems guarantee a warm and comfortable external environment during the colder months, both for homes and commercial environments.

Underfloor heating for outdoors

Not only low-consumption products suitable for melting snow and ice, guaranteeing a path that is always clean, but also ideal solutions for heating outdoor environments and maximizing people's well-being. Heating systems are in fact an excellent efficient and economical alternative to more traditional outdoor heater.

What are the advantages of electric underfloor heating for outdoors?

Summarizing the advantages of the outdoor carbon fiber electric heating system we can say that:

  • Greater safety: electric underfloor heating for outdoors prevents the formation of ice and snow, eliminating the danger of slips and falls and thus keeping surfaces free.
  • Energy Efficiency: Electric heating systems are designed to be highly energy efficient. The heat is distributed evenly, minimizing energy waste and optimizing running costs. It can also be powered by renewable energy sources.
  • Maximum comfort: electric underfloor heating spreads heat uniformly from bottom to top thanks to radiant heating, improving people's comfort and thus allowing you to take full advantage of outdoor spaces in every season.
  • More space: outdoor electric underfloor heating solutions do not limit the space available, unlike much larger traditional solutions such as radiant lamps and gas heaters. In this way you have much more space available in the outdoor area.

6 Products for
Underfloor heating for outdoors

Custom snow melting net

Item code PVRE

The snow melter system is available in 4 variants to offer you specific solutions depending on the application you are going to do: suitable for ramps, avenues and parking lots (A), for self-locking pavements (B), embedded in concrete (C) or for porphyry or stone flooring (D).

Outdoor heating mat

Item code TAPE.X

Snow melting solution ideal for walkable areas that in the cold season are subject to accumulation of snow and / or ice, such as entrances, stairways, ramps, etc.

Radiant platforms for indoor and outdoor

Item code PED_AMC.D

Rust / corten painted steel footboard to create heated outdoor seatings, perfect for dehors, patio and terraces of bars, hotels and restaurants. This modular system allows you to heat in a targeted and effective way, reducing energy consumption while preserving comfort.

Heating carpet for market booths

Item code TAP4

Radiant carpet ideal for heating in outdoor environments during the coldest months.

Heating system for decking floor

Item code HTR-DECK

Heating system to be applied under wooden slats or decking floors. Great to heat the outdoors in cold environments and ensure maximum comfort, while also preventing the accumulation of snow.