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Achieve greater staff efficiency and, at the same time, optimize infrastructure costs by adequately heating production areas.

Thermal Technology, with the carbon fiber technology, is able to create the ideal heating systems for each company, ensuring high performance while optimizing costs. Our products keep free of snow and consequently safe all the accesses to your facilities, Thermal Technology offers various safe, reliable and long-lasting solutions. In addition, our products help keep solar panels and roof edges clean.

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Electric underfloor heating

Thermal Technology's snow melting systems are the most technologically advanced on the market to solve the problem of snow and ice formation on ramps and sidewalks.
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As a result of heavy snowfalls, a potentially dangerous snow load could accumulate on rooftops. Our snow melting nets heat the last 75 cm of the pitch, melting snow and ice.
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Photovoltaic panels covered by snow can suffer a decrease in performance until they are completely turned off. Thermal Technology's solution prevents snow from settling and thus obscuring the panels.
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Do you have to heat an internal industrial environment or a workplace?

Find out the carbon fiber heating solutions created by our partner Rimatek, like industrial radiant heating platforms and radiant ceiling panels, designed to adapt to all your needs.

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Do you have to heat industrial products rather than an entire room?

Thermal Technology offers you standard solutions for heating tanks, drums, gas cylinders (ATEX certified, if required), or develops electric blankets for custom products.

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