Electric underfloor heating

Find out our products for electric underfloor heating, you can maximize well-being thanks to radiant floor heating and reduce the costs required, by increasing energy savings.

Electric underfloor heating

Not only low-consumption products suitable for electric floor heating systems but also less invasive solutions that allow you to exploit the advantages of electric floor heating without renovation works, such as the heating mat.

What are the advantages of electric underfloor heating?

Summarizing the advantages of the carbon fiber electric heating system we can say that:

  • Maximum comfort: electric underfloor heating spreads heat uniformly from bottom to top thanks to radiant heating, improving people's well-being
  • Energy efficient: electric underfloor heating can be used with renewable energy sources to increase energy savings and reduce environmental impact
  • More space: underfloor heating increases the free space inside the room, allowing more freedom of movement and better space management
  • Greater control: this solution provides independent temperature control, allowing you to choose the areas to heat according to your needs and therefore reduce waste.

9 Products for
Electric underfloor heating

Customized Floor Heating Mesh for Indoors

Item code PVRI

The mesh for interiors is available in 3 variants to offer you specific solutions depending on the type or finish of your floor: whether it is ceramic / marble (A), glued or floating (B), it has a resin, micro-cement finish or ecomalta (C).

Customized underfloor heating panel for indoor

Item code PVSI

Underfloor heating panel is ideal for both types of working: new floors and renovations. Radiant heating principle of the system does not cause air movement and the bodies are heated directly, thus it is avoided dust and acrid circulation. Panels have customized sizes and power. Due to multilayer composition of the panel, heat is spread uniformly.

Customized floor heating panel for indoor- under screed installation

Item code PVMI

Electric underfloor heating specific for concrete screed with the possibility of making any type of finish. Generates an excellent thermal mass and is ideal in the presence of a photovoltaic system with “energy exchange on site“; this allows to obtain a “thermal storage“ with energy from renewable sources.

Custom underfloor heating net for caravan and naval Industry

Item code PVRC

Electric underfloor heaating system suitable for building, caravan and naval buildings, where the basic flooring is in wood; it is suitable for all types of finishes.

Customized heating mesh for wellness industry

Item code PVRW

Low voltage heating system for wellness and spa environments, suitable for areas with high humidity.