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Give value to your visitor's experience by preserving the historical finds and valuables and, at the same time, by putting them at ease in their moments of recollection and reflection with our Electric Church Heating.

Places of worship, like churches, are often characterized by large spaces and high ceilings; entirely heating the air in these spaces can be very expensive. Thermal Technology church heating systems, thanks to our leading technology, heat by radiation, allowing a decidedly reduced energy consumption and greater heating efficiency for these environments.

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Electric underfloor heating

The heating platforms and under-carpets allow for the optimal design and development of the most fitting solution for the interested area, by creating ad-hoc systems that can satisfy any needs and solve any problems raised by a wide space.
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Church Pews Heating

Thanks to our raditing under-seat panels and our heating pillows you can guarantee the maximum comfort to every person in the room; by directly heating the individuals it is possible to cut down significantly all the costs concerning the energetic consumption.
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