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An innovative and efficient heating system integrates with the architectural context in which it is applied.


Radiators: design, functionality and sustainability are the elements that make them perfectly integrable

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A contemporary radiator is a design element that can be easily adapted to interior environments, restoring balance and well-being. Therefore Thermal Technology pays special attention to detail, which is reflected in the style, shapes and colors.

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During the design of an architectural environment, be it a residential solution or a professional environment, it becomes essential to think about the aesthetic result as well as the functional one. The use of innovative materials such as, for example, carbon, is today able to reduce the dimensions while maintaining or even improving thermal capacity. Thanks to the flexibility of this technology it is possible to keep unaltered the functionality of the products and, at the same time, to enrich the environment with designer objects.

Temi Design 3

Recyclable and malleable materials, construction techniques that reduce the impact on the environment and reduce the waste of raw materials and energy are the fulcrum for creating a designer radiator and a sustainable heating system capable of raising the quality of life. For this reason Thermal Technology, thanks to the experience gained in the electric heating sector, has designed two specific product lines with the Genius Carbon and Matiria brands..

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