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Take advantage of the efficiency and comfort of underfloor heating and use our solutions only when you need them.

Thermal Technology, thanks to the carbon fiber technology, design electric underfloor heating systems that can be quickly installed and removed, therefore suitable for temporary installations that require uniform heating without the presence of annoying air movements. Furthermore, by acting exactly like a traditional underfloor heating, they reach low operating temperatures for maximum comfort from the floor up to a height of about 180 cm. The heating systems for rent are also suitable for installation in prestigious buildings with precious and fragile decorations or paintings on the walls and ceilings, whose surfaces are sensitive to even the slightest thermal increase.


Choose the rental method that best suits your needs:

Under carpet heating system
Supply and Assistance

Supply of the product and assistance by our technicians for install operations.

Turnkey solution

We listen to your needs and create the most suitable solution. This includes assembly, management and subsequent removal of the heating system, any supply of carpet and / or finishing laminate.

Under carpet heating system

Removable radiant heating system, with carpet finish, ideal for creating localized comfort zones in large volume environments. Available in a short time and quickly operational, this solution is best suited for churches, museums and short-term events




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Have a project in mind and
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