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Create a comfortable environment through our office and commercial heating systems. People, more focused and at ease, achieve better performances or sales.

Heating offices, meeting areas or shops is essential to ensure the well-being of both worker and customer. Thermal Technology exploits carbon fiber technology for commercial electric heating systems, to create customized heating solutions for any commercial space, like office or meeting area. Our office heating systems ensure a comfortable and constant temperature while limiting energy consumption.
To keep the accesses to your offices free from snow and consequently safe, Thermal Technology offers various safe, reliable and long-lasting solutions. Our products also help keep solar panels and roof edges clean.

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Office underfloor heating

Thanks to the variety of our solutions, commercial electric heating systems can be implemented in all offices regardless of whether it is a new project, renovation or integration.
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Commercial wall and ceiling heating

Under-plaster meshes or Thermal Technology heaters for plasterboard sheets are the perfect solution for creating wall office heating systems.
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Designer electric radiators for commercial spaces

Thermal Technology radiators adapt perfectly to any office area, creating elegant and functional furnishing solutions. Our electric radiators combine the advantages of carbon fiber heating with the design of commercial environments.
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Electric underfloor heating

Thermal Technology's snow melting systems are the most technologically advanced on the market to solve the problem of snow and ice formation on ramps and sidewalks.
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As a result of heavy snowfalls, a potentially dangerous snow load could accumulate on rooftops. Our snow melting nets heat the last 75 cm of the pitch, melting snow and ice.
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Photovoltaic panels covered by snow can suffer a decrease in performance until they are completely turned off. Thermal Technology's solution prevents snow from settling and thus obscuring the panels.
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