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Snow melting system for solar panels


The system removes snow and ice from solar panels ensuring their functioning.

Installing solar panels, both for domestic and industrial use, is an important step towards a more sustainable and electric future, which aims at saving resources. In winter, accumulated snow on solar panels can limit their use and efficiency.

Why melt snow from solar panels with our solutions?


Carbon fiber resistors defy temperature fluctuations as they do not expand , ensuring reliable performance and durability.


It only takes a few minutes to switch on the anti-snow systems, so you only have to activate them when needed.


The correct functioning of the solar panels allows the return of the investment (ROI) in a shorter time


The energy consumption used for melting the snow on the solar panels is quickly recovered thanks to the increase in energy yield.


With snow, the clean photovoltaic system increases the energy yield thanks to the greater solar radiation procured by the surrounding snowpack.


Securing industrial plants in compliance with European law about buildings structural safety, without costly structural interventions with high cost savings.


Modular system that can be installed quickly by any electrical installer.


Maximum energy production all year round without interruptions caused by the snow.

All in one simple to install product that solves the problem of snow on solar panels:

Thermal Technology Snow melt film for solar panels
(cod. FT-1E ALU)

The heating film for solar panels is made to measure in double layer adhesive aluminum for any model of solar panel, with modular power supply system with IP68 connectors and with a power of about 175 W/m². In a few minutes it brings the surface of the panel to around 10°C, eliminating the snow.


Easy installation in 3 minutes

Without any type of specific tool, even the less experienced will be able to easily apply the exclusive Thermal Technology heating films to solar panels in just a few minutes.

Snow melting systems for industrial plants

For industrial photovoltaic systems on the roof of sheds, the use of the Thermal Technology snow melting system can also be a solution for adapting the flow rate on the roof to the NTC2018 standard.
If solar panels are used, adapting a structure to the values of the legislation with classic solutions would otherwise involve complex and expensive works, with an additional structural load.

Don't limit your panels efficiency,
prevent the accumulation of snow

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