Electric snow melt systems

Thanks to the snow melting systems it is possible to guarantee safety and efficiency even during the coldest periods and in mountain areas. Our products are developed to prevent and/or melt snow from the roads, roofs and photovoltaic panels where they are installed.

Electric snow melt systems

Ensuring the correct cleaning of the roof is essential not only in domestic environments but also in commercial and industrial ones, where snow melting systems make you respect the safety limits set out in the NTC2018 regulation.

What are the advantages of our snow melting systems? 

Summarizing the advantages of the carbon fiber electric heating system we can say that:

  • Safety: Electric snowmelt heating prevents the danger of snow and ice accumulations on the roof and photovoltaic panels. This reduces the risk of structural damage caused by the weight of the snow and prevents the danger of falling large amounts of snow.
  • Energy Efficiency: Keeping solar panels clear of snow improves their energy efficiency. By removing obstacles caused by snow, the panels can generate more solar energy, optimizing the overall performance of the soalr system.
  • Life extension: Regular melting of snow from the roof and soalr panels helps to preserve their life over time. The accumulation of snow and ice otherwise can compromise its integrity.
  • Save time and money: Manually removing snow from your roof and solar panels can be a expensive and dangerous. Using an automated electric heating solution reduces the need for manual interventions, saving you time, effort and money in the long run.

5 Products for
Electric snow melt systems

Heating aluminum sheet for photovoltaic pannels

Item code FT1E-ALU

Easy-to-install snow melting solution for photovoltaic panels, which allows energy production even in the event of snowfall.

Snow melting mesh for roofs

Item code PVRT

Ideal solution for industrial roofs with concrete beams, it allows you to eliminate the snow load on the structure quickly and economically. System compliant with NTC2018 regulation. Also suitable for other types of roofing.

Snow melting aluminum sheet for flat roofs

Item code HTR_ALU

This snow melting system, ideal for adapting to NTC 2018, offers you a specific solution for application on flat roofs.

Snow-melting film under corrugated metal sheet roofs

Item code HTR_ALU_PVC

This snow melting system, ideal for adapting to NTC 2018, offers you a specific solution for application on corrugated sheet metal roofs.

Snow-melting membrane in pvc

Item code HTR_PVC

The PVC tensile structures, located in areas subject to snow fall, are exposed to possible failure of the roof, due to the weight of the snow. Thermal Technology has designed and built a light and practical solution in assembly / disassembly, which allows to secure the tensile structure.