Chiesa San Lorenzo da biennale di Venezia
Venezia - Italia

In December 2023, we were contacted to provide a heating solution for the musicians and choir members positioned on a metal structure arranged in portions of variable levels.
The venue was the Church of San Lorenzo in Venice where the internal temperature averages +6°C, and the event was significant: celebrating the centenary of the birth of the Venetian composer Luigi Nono with the restaging of the opera "Prometeo, Tragedia dell'ascolto," produced by the Venice Biennale..
The event organizers were already familiar with our solutions for electric underfloor heating, which were also applied in this case and suitable for the audience. However, there were 79 musicians, 32 choristers, and 2 conductors to be heated within the structure.

The problem was solved by using a model of our electric radiant heaters with 500W power, mounted on the wall with a distance of 2 meters between them, and in grey colour to match the metal structure, for a total of 45 units.
After two days of operation of our Thermal Technology systems for carbon fiber heating, the internal temperature had reached 18°C. Seeing the musicians in shirt sleeves and the audience sitting with their jackets on their knees in the TV footage was confirmation that the problem had been solved by applying Thermal Technology.

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