Commercial electric radiators

Designer Electric Radiators

Thermal Technology radiators are practical and quick to install, even in existing environments, and represent the ideal solution in these contexts:

- in a restructuring , where the floors remain such, with a correct positioning and sizing calculation, radiators can be used to heat the various rooms.
- in a new building in Energy Class A, underfloor heating is sometimes not necessary and with radiators you have an elegant and practical solution.
- in climatic situations with external temperature below 0°C and a heat pump heating system, it becomes necessary to supplement the heating by means of radiators to obtain environmental comfort.
- in mid-seasons , when the heating system is not; still active, in the bathrooms it is necessary to have a source of heat for comfort; here with the radiators, which also work as towel warmers, you get the solution to the problem.

Genius Carbon® Line

The radiators of the GENIUS CARBON line are made in various shapes and with various powers to adapt to all areas of a house, with optimal performance thanks to Thermal Technology with carbon fiber resistors. Thanks to this technology, applied on painted steel elements, heating is obtained in a very short time and energy savings of 26% compared to other electric radiators and no electromagnetic fields are created. Their functioning by convection and by FIR radiation; Thermal Technology designer electric radiators are practical and simple to install and do not require any particular wall preparation and have an extension with plug for connection to the mains. Thanks to their design, a wide range of solutions with towel warmers of various shapes find the right combination in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.


This line of Thermal Technology designer radiators reproduces the concept of heating applied in the past, with the use of components in fire-enamelled terracotta and with the concept of "thermal accumulation" to maintain the temperature in the room for a prolonged time, even after shutdown. The combination of Thermal Technology with carbon fiber resistors, incorporated with particular components in the terracotta layers, have made it possible to create a line of heat-storing radiators with high energy savings, with convection and FIR radiation operation. The design of the designer electric radiators MATIRIA line is connected to the "tradition of the past" by reactivating the concept of "warmth and health" with the use of traditional fire-glazed terracotta maintaining the "rustic" theme but at the same time a "moderate concept" to adapt various furnishing needs in the various environments ".

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