outdoor underfloor heating

Snow melting under-floor heating

Thermal Technology electric snow melting mats are the most technologically advanced on the market to solve the problem of snow and ice formation on ramps, sidewalks and terraces.

The secret behind our solutions is an internationally patented technology, designed to guarantee numerous advantages to those who use it.

-50% on installation costs

Carbon fiber snow melting heating systems are connected to the electricity grid, no interventions to the water network are required.

0% Harmful emissions

With electric snow melting mats no fuels that increase CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere are used.

0% Maintenance costs

The electric heated outdoor mats don't require any periodic scheduled maintenance, unlike traditional heating systems.

High protection grade

All Thermal Technology snow melting heating products are protected against the penetration of liquids and dust.

-40% Energy consumption

Thanks to the special characteristics of Thermal Technology's electric snow melting mats, energy consumption for heating is substantially reduced.

Warranty up to 15 years

Thermal Technology products, like electric heated outdoor mats and underfloor snow melting systems, while not having any type of wear, are guaranteed for 15 years for electric floor heating systems, 5 years for radiators and 2 years for heating blankets and electronic components.

Our snow melting heating solutions

Custom snow melting net

The snow melter system is available in 4 variants to offer you specific solutions depending on the application you are going to do: suitable for ramps, avenues and parking lots (A), for self-locking pavements (B), embedded in concrete (C) or for porphyry or stone flooring (D).

Outdoor Heating Mat

Snow melting solution ideal for walkable areas that in the cold season are subject to accumulation of snow and / or ice, such as entrances, stairways, ramps, etc.

electric heated outdoor mats



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