How to melt snow from solar panels?
How to melt snow from solar panels?

How to melt snow from solar panels?

The use of solar panels is increasingly widespread and proves to be a strategic choice given the restrictions and current costs of electricity as it allows you to have more energy autonomy in both domestic and industrial use and thus save on electricity bills.

It is possible to use solar panels even in mountain areas, there are several solutions that allow you to protect the production plant and remove snow from solar panels, ensuring perfect operation and the desired energy autonomy to lower bill costs.

Our Thermal Technology anti-snow system for solar panels must be applied to the back of each solar panel and must be turned on only after the actual snowfall, reducing any possible waste. The snow melt heating film is able to eliminate 15 cm of snow thickness in less than 30 minutes, depending on the slope of the pitch on which the system is installed.

For industrial solar systems, which are normally built on the roofs of warehouses, located in geographic mountain areas, the application of the snow melting system on the solar panel becomes almost mandatory not only to enable the system to produce electricity without interruptions but also to avoid the risk of “structural failure” due to the snow load in the roof.

A concrete example of the consumption needed to melt the snow from solar panels to achieve energy autonomy and save on the electricity bill:

Considering a photovoltaic system consisting of 500 panels with 380 Wp power. equal to 190 kWp. of production, with 500 Thermal Technology melting snow heaters applied with absorption of 250W each and dividing the system into sectors of alternating operation with 100 active panels for 15 minutes per sector, the available power required is 25 kWh.
With operation of 15 minutes per sector, a complete cycle of operation of the 5 sectors takes 75 minutes. With just two cycles, which therefore require 150 minutes, the entire system can be cleared of snow with a consumption of 62.5 kWh. Since the plant has a production capacity of 190 kWp. in about 30 minutes of production of the photovoltaic system freed from snow, the consumption of kWh used for the operation of the snow melting system for panels can be equalized.

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