Is it possible to heat churches while protecting artworks?

Is it possible to heat churches while protecting artworks?

Heating churches and places of worship during the winter is essential to make people's visits comfortable. This requires careful evaluation due to the presence of frescoes or painted canvases and their conservation over time.

When the historic churches were built, the possibility of heating the environment and the relative consequence that the heat would have on paintings and frescoes was obviously not considered.

It is therefore essential to protect and promote the conservation of churches by identifying an heating system that bring physical well-being to people without damaging the artistic heritage.
There are several possibilities for heating churches and places of worship and we have to consider that each of these will have a different impact on the surrounding environments.

  1. Air heating systems have been used over time, but involve a change in the thermal equilibrium of the environment and cause the movement of dust which risks to damage the frescoes over time.
  2. There are also electric radiant heating systems, such as underfloor heating and radiant panel systems. These systems heat the bodies in a more direct and localized way, providing a limited thermal comfort at a height of 2 meters and leaving the thermal equilibrium of the environment unaltered.
  • Infrared lamps for churches have been an alternative used over the years to heat places of worship as they reach high temperatures in a short time. Although it may seem an advantage, this can cause a thermal shock on domes and walls which generates “condensation effects” with consequent formation of molds, which risk to create irreparable damage to walls, frescoes and works.
  • The electric underfloor heating for churches, unlike other systems, allows to act on the areas of interest, where people stay, maximizing their physical well-being and protecting the integrity of the artistic heritage. Furthermore, by identifying the heating system suitable for the type of floor of the church, its historical originality will be preserved without building interventions and without the need to resort to removable solutions. Senza usare soluzioni amovibili

If the goal is to heat a place of worship and preserve it, it has been found over the years that Thermal TT's patented Technology is the ideal candidate to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

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