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T801 power splitter can be installed inside of an electric switchboard or derivation box, depending on the dissipated power. It is the installer who must evaluate where the splitter must be installed depending on the power to split. Power splitter is serving for phase or neutral interruption. In case of its installation in several rooms, it is necessary to alternate the sense of connection, in order to balance the electric installation consumption.

Power splitter is used in situations where is necessary to install underfloor heating panels or meshes with a power superior to the nominal power, in order to obtain a better resistance distribution and therefore a thermal uniformity of the pavement. If using power splitter it is possible to halve installed power, adapting it to the real needs. T801 allows power reducing to 50% cutting positive or negative half wave. In case of modular system with 100 W/m² installed power, the resulted power is 50 W/m².