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Heating carpets|mat for indoor and outdoor

Our heating carpets for outdoor with carbon fiber resistors, coated by moquette with waterproof treatment, reinforced and thermally insulated downwards, are ideal to make practicable the outdoor areas during cold period, when they are often exposed to accumulation of snow or ice. The laying is done similarly as in case of common carpet for outdoor, then, once plugged in it starts to heat immediately. The heating carpets for indoor use are extremely stable thanks to nonslip bottom surface, being laid on the existing floor.

All our carpets are designed in conformity with customer requirements, and in order to optimize the temperature in ambiance and save energy, they can be used in combination with an intensity controller, delivered on demand. Carbon fiber resistors emit infrared waves, which are generating heat only when encountering solid bodies, with no direct air heating. In this way the carpets create optimal conditions for comfort and save energy.