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Electrics Radiators

Thermal Technology branded radiators, Genius Carbon® line, fit perfectly in any type of environment, offering an elegant home heating. They have shapes, colors and functionalities that adapt to all needs, from thin radiators in steel with minimum thickness, to electric heaters, furnishing components covered in porcelain stoneware or glazed terracotta, which embellish any environment.

The electric radiators can be equipped with an electronic control unit linked to an environment sensor, that reacts automatically maintaining the desired temperature, following also the different preset time slots and reducing energy absorption. Radiator heating that uses electric heaters without electronic control unit can be controlled via a T705 home automation control unit (see accessories) that controls the electric radiators via an environment thermostat.

The home automation analyzes the electricity consumption of the entire plant in order to limit its absorption and have an economical electric heating. The idea of Matiria arises from works conceived not only as an enclosure for wall electric radiators, but to exist in itself, born from the creativity and the hands of artisans and designers.

Artists who join their efforts so that their intuitions, moving strongly from imagination to reality, give life to unique and precious creations. They shape the material by forging it, breaking it and recomposing it until it gives shape to the idea. And then, the art meets technology, tough and difficult encounter, as mixing them seems almost impossible. But “almost” is the key word, that make us to try and try again, until the art and the technique come together, giving life to electric radiators, unique and exclusive, for an efficient and economic electric heating.
electric wall heaters and panel heater Genius Carbon

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Thanks to our great experience during many years of activity, we realized a line of energy efficient electric radiators with Carbon Fiber resistance, innovative and performant products designed with particular attention to “smart power consumption”, to which we gave the name of Genius Carbon® due to environmentally sustainable particular focus.

Genius Carbon® system versatility allows optimal performance with no need to make expensive installation works, it is enough to insert the plug into an outlet and the work is done. Carbon Fiber technology does not produce harmful electromagnetic emissions, and, if the radiators are correctly placed in properly insulated ambiances, they allow making of significant energy savings equal to 40% compared to traditional systems. Radiant heat principle that underlies our technology spreads the heat through exchange of the radiant energy between people, walls and objects.

electric panel heaters and wall heater Matiria

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The idea of Matiria was not born as a shell for heating system but to be on its own, made by creative hands of craftsmen and designers who join efforts until their intuitions give life to unique creations passing from imagination to reality with confidence. They form the material by modelling, breaking and recreating it until they give the idea its form. Just then there is the hard fusion with technology which looks nearly impossible. But the “just about impossible” is enough to try and try again until the work and technique are joined.