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Indoor heaters

Optimal heating in residential buildings, offices or warehouses presumes confrontation with multiple problems. The approach is different, also, depending of the building type, weather it is a new construction or renovation. Our heating products with carbon fiber resistances for indoor, offers various technical solutions, represented by heating mesh and mat with underfloor installation, heating plinth, radiant heating integrated into the gypsum fiber panels for walls.

The effort of our technical specialists is targeted to provide a solution adaptable to your project, and if necessary we can offer even a personalized product. In order to control ambient temperature we provide intensity regulators or temperature electronic control units, on demand.

Carbon fiber resistors, emitting infrared waves, they generate heat only when encountering with solid bodies, in this way create optimal conditions for comfort and permit energy savings.

There are various challenges to face up to optimally heat up an indoor space, either a home, an office or a shed. Radiant heating is certainly the most comfortable, but the approach differs from case to case. Our electric heating systems show interesting advantages compared to traditional ones, being able to adapt, thanks to the range of available products, to every requirement and type of construction.

Our effort is aimed at providing you with electric heating systems that integrate into your project, even providing "made-to-measure" products, whether they are underfloor heating or ceiling panels. Using flexible and versatile carbon fiber resistors, we offer many technical solutions, as heating meshes or mats for electric floor heating, radiant plinth, or heaters inserted in drywall panels to be used as ceiling panels or wall panels.
To optimize the room temperature we supply, on request, intensity adjustors or electronic control units.

Radiant heating in the infrared band of carbon fiber resistors does not heat the air but generates heat only when it meets solid bodies. This creates optimal conditions for comfort while saving energy.