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Heaters for Churches and Museums

Due to high costs and technical difficulties, the creation of comfort areas inside large rooms always represented a difficult problem to solve. Large rooms are associated with high ceiling, and the heat generated in traditional ways, tends to stratify in the top of the room, providing only a partial heating of the necessary zone and for a small period, creating thus difficulties hard to overcome.

Resorting to forced hot air heating resolves the problem just partially, creating other inconveniences like the air currents lifting the dust and humidity, which are deposited afterwards on paintings and walls, deteriorating them. Our products installed under floor, in cushions or under benches in the church, are using carbon fiber resistors, which are emitting heat through infrared waves only when meeting an object, wall or person.

Infrared waves do not heat the air, but only the solid bodies, those bodies at their turn, transfer the heat in the ambiance, creating an optimal comfort conditions for the occupants. Electrical management of our products with carbon fiber resistors permits to control the temperature and to set different time slots in particular rooms, avoiding undesirable waste of energy.