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About us

Thermal Technology is born from a revolutionary concept, that not too long ago seemed absurd: the use of an organic material, instead of a metal, to absorb electrical energy and turn it into heat. Not just any material, but a material that showed great potential for its versatility: the carbon fiber.

The intuition toward the choice of this material proved to be a winning intuition. Tests after tests, trials after trials led to the selection of the right carbon fiber and the control of its reaction to electricity. But one problem remained: how to manage the distribution of the electrical energy conducted by a metal. In other words, how to connect a standard copper wire to the carbon fiber lead to be fed. This was the crucial problem that, through intuition, genius and some luck, was resolved with a now internationally patented invention of the carbon fiber/copper connection, with stability and longevity.

The unthinkable has become reality: power, savings and concern for the environment, all enclosed in unique forms that offer warmth and protection.